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      Residential Duct Cleaning London

      Whether it's an HVAC system, a heating system, or a cooling system, air ducts are an important..

      Laundry Duct Cleaning London

      Laundry is one of the most significant services we utilize in our daily lives. It enables us to..

      Kitchen Deep Cleaning London

      Duct Cleaning London offers remarkable kitchen deep cleaning services that are used by a wide range..

      Fire Damper Testing London

      A fire damper is designed to prevent fire from spreading through your ductwork system...

      Ductwork Cleaning London

      Ductworks often remain invisible to our eyes as they are attached to the ceiling...

      Ducted Heating Cleaning London

      Thousands of London residents remain unaware of how much dirt and dust may build up in a ducted..

      Duct Repair London

      The fact that air duct tears and leakage have a significant impact on the air quality in your home..

      Dryer Vent Cleaning London

      A clogged dryer vent can be dangerous to you and your family; therefore it should be cleaned..

      ............HOW WE WORK............

      Our Duct Cleaning Process

      Our well-defined step-by-step procedure of duct cleaning is performed by our experts to ensure effective results. Upon arrival, here’s what our professionals do:

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      We do a carbon monoxide test to confirm that the air duct system is working properly and that there are no dangerous leaks or faults.

      Duct Cleaning

      We remove all grills and air filters before blasting pollutants away using compressed air.

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      Our experts use compressed air to clean the fan, engine, air filter, and other internal components.

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      The system is sanitized using a natural tea tree oil-based compound, leaving it fresh and clean.

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