Kitchen Deep Cleaning London

      Duct Cleaning London offers remarkable kitchen deep cleaning services that are used by a wide range of organizations in diverse industries. We are constantly aiming to deliver the finest services of industrial and commercial kitchen cleaning to ensure that our clients’ kitchens are cleaned to a higher standard.

      Regular deep cleaning of your commercial kitchen, either once a year or every six months, is a cost-effective way to address your cleaning demands. At, Duct Cleaning London our clients frequently discover that using our service saves them money as compared to closing their kitchen for a few days and having their employees clean it. Due to a lack of adequate chemicals, equipment, and knowledge of kitchen deep cleaning and hygiene requirements, ‘in-house’ cleaning is just not an option for many enterprises.

      Food safety requirements have become stricter in recent years, reinforcing the necessity for food supply facilities to have a complete kitchen deep cleaning London.

      All catering businesses are required by law to maintain a high level of food cleanliness, food safety, and worker awareness. To minimize any disturbance to your working hours, Duct Cleaning London provides kitchen deep cleaning services 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year. We provide a ‘Hygiene certification’ that is accepted by insurance companies, as well as before, during, and after photos of the cleaning process. Additionally, we provide reports on the status of all deep-cleaned equipment and structures.

      Specialists in Ventilation, Canopy, and Extraction Cleaning London

      Extraction ducts, filters, and other equipment are frequently kept unclean for extended periods. This is frequently because these locations are out of sight and hence are readily forgotten. Even if you understand the importance of keeping them clean, doing so can be difficult and uncomfortable, especially without the specialized tools and abilities that Duct Cleaning London has to offer.

      All types of air conditioning repair vans have typical furnace components. So, stop worrying! Duct Cleaning London has you covered when it comes to business duct cleaning, kitchen extraction cleaning, air conditioning maintenance, and kitchen deep cleaning London. If your repair requires a specialty component, we can usually get it the same or the following day, and your central air conditioner will be up and running again.

      One of our main specialties at Duct Cleaning London is carefully cleaning canopies, ducts, fans, and filters to thoroughly clean up your commercial kitchen extraction system. This procedure removes grease and fat deposits that accumulate over time, particularly in busy restaurants, bars, schools, canteens, hospitals, care homes, and other similar settings. All projects are cleaned to the industry standards, and upon completion, we provide picture confirmation of the clean as well as a certificate of hygiene.

      Reasons Why You Should Take Kitchen Extract Cleaning Seriously

      The importance of cleaning specific locations of the kitchen should not be overlooked. There are three primary reasons to pay attention to this:

      Hygiene danger – Even the most effective extraction filters will not be able to completely remove all traces of grease and debris from the air. On the surfaces of ventilation ducts, canopies, and extractor fans, a film of grease and debris accumulates over time.

      This not only poses a public health issue by providing a breeding ground for bacteria and foul odors, but it also reduces the efficiency of your extraction system and poses a significant fire hazard. As a result, it’s critical to avail services for grease extraction cleaning London for kitchen extraction and ventilation systems regularly, as decided by a risk assessment.

      Risk of Fire- Extraction system filters never removes all vaporized grease that condenses on the canopy plenum, duct, and fan surfaces. This grease build-up now only needs heat to start a terrifying process, which is readily available in every kitchen. It is not necessary to have a spark or flame for spontaneous combustion to occur.

      The grease in the duct acts as a fuse, causing the duct and the building to catch fire. Any puncture, joint, holes, or discharge point, as well as heat-induced ductwork collapse, can result in fire, hot gases, and smoke.

      Temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Celsius cause nearby components such as duct support hangers, packaging materials, electrical systems, and so on to damage, or burn. Fat deposits in your ducting can be particularly combustible, which means that if a fire breaks out in your kitchen, it might swiftly spread

      Legal risk – There are specific health and safety requirements at work, especially in the category of fire legislation that must be followed by everyone operating a commercial kitchen.

      The Loss Prevention Council of Insurers recommends that complete kitchen systems be cleaned by extraction cleaning specialists at least once a year, with the exact frequency established by a risk assessment. Failure to follow the conditions of a policy could result in the entire contract being voided, leaving the insured with a total loss.

      At Duct Cleaning London, we are professionals at ensuring that you comply with rules so that you may run a responsible business and avoid legal fees and penalties down the road.

      Why Hire Duct Cleaning London for Kitchen Deep Cleaning?

      Duct Cleaning London provides an extraction cleaning service that includes all areas of the extraction system. Our cleaning crews are fully qualified to clean all aspects of your ventilation system to the high standards required to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for your employees and customers. Here’s why you should hire us:

      Experience: We are the most experienced and highly reputed organization providing complete kitchen deep cleaning services in London. We have industry experience of over a decade.

      Qualified Team: At, Duct Cleaning London we only work with the most qualified professionals. All our experts are licensed and certified for performing grease extraction cleaning London.

      Modern Techniques: We employ modern tools, devices, and eco-friendly cleaning solvents for effectively cleaning your kitchen ducts and rigid grease.

      Affordable services: All our services are available at reasonable prices that come with no hidden charges. Contact us for an express quote!

      Flexibility: Our team remains on standby for serving customers. We provide services 24×7 and 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays.

      Same Day Service: Duct Cleaning London provides same-day and emergency services all across the city. Get your kitchen cleaned on the same day as making a booking.

      So, what are you waiting for? Contact us at (+44) 7782 36 2023 and avail of our extraordinary services of kitchen extract cleaning London!

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      Our extraction cleaning service is always customized to your specific needs. However, we recommend scheduling a complete cleaning of your entire kitchen every three months to once a year.

      If you’d like to talk to us more about kitchen extraction cleaning London, we’d be pleased to do an evaluation and provide you with more precise advice on how often you should clean your catering facilities, including your extraction duct system.

      Contact Duct Cleaning London at (+44) 7782 36 2023 right away!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Are your professionals well-qualified?

      Yes. All our experts at Duct Cleaning London are well trained, skilled, and knowledgeable at performing extraction cleaning. Our team has valid licenses and certifications as well.

      2. How often should I avail grease extraction cleaning London?

      You can find out the frequency of availing kitchen extract cleaning London based on how long you use your kitchen every day. For instance,

      • 2 to 16 hours a day- 3 times a month
      • 6 to 12 hours a day- twice a year
      • 2 to 6 Hours a Day- one time every year

      3. Is kitchen extract cleaning London an expensive service?

      No. At, Duct Cleaning London we offer complete kitchen cleaning services at affordable rates. The rates may vary depending on facts like the size of the kitchen, different components used, level of dirt, and so on. Feel free in contacting us for more information.

      4. Do You Provide services on weekends?

      Yes. We offer flexible services that are available 24×7 and all around the year. Our team reaches your location and can do the job even on weekends and public holidays. Contact us at (+44) 7782 36 2023!

      5. How long does it take to perform kitchen deep cleaning London?

      On average our kitchen deep cleaning experts take 2-3 hours in cleaning your kitchen. However, the cleaning span can vary based on the size of the kitchen and everyday use. If the kitchen is bigger in size, it may take more than 3 hours in cleaning.

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