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      What is Fire Damper?

      A fire damper is designed to prevent fire from spreading through your ductwork system. Fire dampers are essentially doors that close off the system to prevent fire from spreading from one place to another. A fire damper can compartmentalize your ductwork, trapping fire in one place and preventing it from spreading throughout your ventilation system.

      The fusible connections are the most crucial part of fire dampers. The temperature in the ductwork rises if a fire starts. The fusible linkages will melt at 72 degrees. Because the fire damper is on a drop mechanism, it will close and seal the airflow as soon as the link melts. As fire dampers are a crucial part of the ducts system availing fire damper testing services is a must for all residents.

      Significance of Fire Damper Inspections

      When your fire damper is working properly, it closes automatically when the temperature increases drastically. In the case of a fire, it is consequently vital that all the parts of a fire damper function properly.

      It’s easy to overlook fire dampers because they’re usually not visible to us. Fire dampers remain hidden in the ceiling or the ducting. Because these devices are difficult to access, routine maintenance and fire damper testing must be performed by a licensed specialist.

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      Importance of Fire Dampers Being Tested Regularly

      Fire dampers are necessary since any fire within your ducting would become uncontrollable without them. If a fire broke out in your ductwork and there were no fire dampers installed, the fire might quickly spread throughout your structure. Fire in your ducting can spread through grills and into your building’s rooms.

      Effective fire dampers are both a safety measure and a regulatory obligation in the construction industry. So, make sure you avail fire damper testing services from experts in London!

      Requirements for Fire Damper Testing

      All fire dampers must be cleaned, drop tested, and periodically maintained in the initial years. According to British Standards, spring-operated fire dampers must be checked once annually.

      Duct Cleaning London’s products are completely tested to the industry standards before being used on-site.

      Within 12 months, our fire damper maintenance program makes sure that all old and newly installed fire dampers are tested.

      Fire Damper Testing Routine at Duct Cleaning London

      • Free in-depth site analysis
      • Our entire fire damper tools are identified
      • Cleaning and fire damper maintenance
      • Procedures for fire dampers testing
      • We offer a fire damper inspections

      How Often Should You Avail Fire Dampers Maintenance Service?

      Fire dampers must be checked once or twice annually by legislation, according to BS: 9999 2017. There is a potential that the fire dampers can be restored if a little fire has started within your ducting, but if a huge fire has occurred, the fire dampers will need to be replaced.

      Don’t worry! Contact Duct Cleaning London for quick fire damper maintenance.

      During Fire Damper Inspection, the following tests are performed:

      • A free complete site survey is available.
      • Examination of safety curtains for any damage or errors
      • Cleaning and fire damper maintenance
      • Spring mechanisms and internal blades are examined for proper operation.
      • Keeping obstruction out of the side rails and channels
      • Fusible link inspection
      • Drop checking the fire damper to make sure it’s working properly.
      • A certificate of completion of the inspection is supplied.

      Ignored Fire Dampers Have Consequences

      When you neglect availing fire damper testing services, it may become a system that cannot be relied upon during fire accidents. Residue and dust particles can accumulate over time, preventing the fire dampers from functioning properly. This can lead to failure in safety curtain closing and fire may start spreading inside the duct and reach other portions of the building.

      You may land in a legal pool in case there are deaths due to fire damper failure. Your insurance coverage may be voided if fire damage is caused by irregular or negligence in availing of fire damper maintenance services.

      Fire Dampers Testing and Installation

      At, Duct Cleaning London you need a list of all the fire dampers in your building to test them. Our team of experts arrives to do on-site testing of your fire dampers. You should have a drawing or map of your structure that shows where the fire dampers are located.

      We can provide an estimate for fire damper inspection, test, and cleaning services when you provide a map of your system and the location of the fire dampers.

      If you’re unsure whether or not your ductwork system has fire dampers, we may schedule a site visit to look for them and mark them on a simple schematic design for you.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Is fire damper testing and cleaning necessary?

      Yes. Regular fire damper testing and cleaning are vital, as it assures the safety of your property from fire and severe accidents. Make sure you don’t remain ignorant when it comes to hiring professionals for fire damper inspection.

      2. Do you provide commercial fire damper installation services?

      Yes. At, Duct Cleaning London we offer a complete solution at one stop. Get residential and commercial fire damper installation services from our experts at affordable prices!

      3. How often should I avail fire damper maintenance services?

      At a commercial setup, you should avail fire damper maintenance services at least twice a year. On the other hand, residential clients can get their fire damper inspected once every year.

      4. Is fire damper testing and inspection expensive?

      No. At, Duct Cleaning London we offer services at reasonable rates. The rate for fire damper inspection and maintenance may depend on several criteria like the size of the duct, and the degree of problem. Our experts provide an estimate after performing a fire damper inspection.

      5. Do you provide services on weekends?

      Yes. All our services remain available 24×7 and 365 days a week. We provide flexible services as per the availability of our clients. Feel free in making a booking of our services on weekends or public holidays. Call Duct Cleaning London for more information!

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